PT-1210 is a Protracker Digital Turntable, that is, a computer program that will let you play your Amiga Protracker module files (.MOD) as if you were playing with CDJ turntables. Think of it as Traktor for the Protracker generation.

It runs on your Commodore Amiga and turns it into the ultimate tool for you to play live at shows and DJ sets.

Don't worry about how old your machine is! Taking optimized advantage of the 680x0 CPU, PT-1210 runs even in the most humble Amiga setups.


We are people who love the Amiga, ProTracker, DJing and live electronic music.

Up until this point there was no real Amiga tool aimed at live performance that DJs and musicians could use in any kind of live setting and that needed to change.

It all started as a discussion on a forum with Akira asking if repitching a .MOD would be possible. After some exchange with Hoffman and a little prototyping, PT-1210 was born.

support us

If you want to show support, drop us a line at our email. We'll appreciate the feedback! Also, if you use our software in your projects, please mention us accordingly and link back here where applicable.

We want to hear your mixtapes or livesets done using PT-1210! Pics/videos of your setup and how you're using our software are welcome too.

Registered PT-1210 users get access to our private access Discord server with resources, help and a thriving community of fellow PT-1210 DJs and music makers. We're there most of the time.

Credits: Akira (concept/UI), h0ffman (concept/code), d0pefish (code), PT12 Krew (testing)